Painted border on a textured ceiling

ceiling texture with painted border and cove in texture king calgary
A crown molding, a painted border and a textured ceiling is an easy way to add some sophistication and class to a ceiling.
taping ceiling for painted border on ceiling texture
First a tape line is snapped straight in a size determined by the home owner. A typical painted border size is 10 inches but a larger or smaller room looks good with a similarly sized border.
masking paper over a border to protect the drywall for a smooth painted border on a texture ceiling Texture King Calgary
Tape line snapped, masking paper taped over it and plastic sheets stapled and hung to cover the entire wall. This is the best way to mask off a border for paint without the need of a chalk line that stains the drywall

Adding a medallion to a texture ceiling

White Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion 24 Inch texture ceiling texture king calgary
A ceiling medallion like the 24 inch White Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion in this picture is often added after the ceiling has been textured and when choosing or upgrading a light fixture. If you know the size of the medallion I can add a large circle in any size to create a border around the medallion that can be painted or have a stencil added to the ceiling to compliment the texture

medallion with hanging light fixture texture king calgary


Painted borders and medallions are an often overlooked yet easy way to add class and beauty to a texture ceiling.